ladies and gentlemen, i am a professional.

i remember the first microwave ovens. huge machines whose mass to number of dial, button, and gauge ratio was ridiculously lopsided and, whose aesthetic appeal would appear soviet contrived by today's standards.
that being said, here i am. blogging. i'm a busy man, so don't expect bells and whistles folks. it took me an hour to figureout that slide show gadget to your right and, i ain't got that kind of time. plain and simple: this is where i will sporadically dump creative process. illustrations, gallery work, promotional devices, photos. all that stuff. probably even a rant or two about how the world is spinning quickly down the toilet. use the labels to help navigate the chaos. please feel free to email me if you'd like any more information about any of the stuff you see.

i have been providing illustration,design, and creative ideation
to a wide variety of users for quite some time.


world wide web

got a new website, thanks to andy gabrysiak no whistles. no bells. just images and a little info. oh, and a store. $$$$$  that's all you need. need more? call me or write me.


CURATING this next summer

prelim thoughts for a mark for an upcoming curatorial effort. visual responses to life and its lies, deception and betrayal that take the form of sarcasm, cynicism, and exhibit an overall disenchantment with the whole lot.



collaboration with Andy Gabrysiak.


McWeepers Whiskey label


new coloring book

new work depicting jobs that are radically changed in context by being located in the city of detroit.



pieces for LOVE FOR SALE (you know you need it)


Motor City Culinary

words and pictures by me.

Working on 2 color theme for GHOST for Signal Return pal, Don Kilpatrick

Finn and his dad's holiday card this year.
Only 15 made. Sorry.


A limited edition catalog to the exhibition MOROSE DELECTATION, held at The Book Beat Bookstore + Gallery, from June 5 - August 5, 2011. The exhibition served as a companion to the anthology "BLACK EYE 1: Graphic Transmissions to Cause Ocular Hypertension," presenting

works on paper by ten of the contributors to that book: Max Clotfelter, Andy Gabrysiak, Ian Huebert, Kaz, James Moore, Tom Neely, Paul Nudd, Onsmith, David Paleo and Stephen William Schudlich. Continuing with the aim of "BLACK EYE 1," this publication collects comix and art from the "MOROSE DELECTATION" exhibition along with additional images that express Black Humor. Fully illustrated with images both new and old (many of which previously unpublished),this book contains an introduction, new statements written by all of the participating artists— addressing the relationship of their work to Black Humor— and a complete and up-to-date bio-bibliography. PRINT RUN IS LIMITED TO ONLY 100 NUMBERED COPIES, signed by the editor and stamped with a special "Rotland Press Limited Edition" logo.

Softcover, 60 pages, full color, 8 x 10 inches. Edited and designed by Ryan Standfest. Published by Rotland Press, 2011.



hey. this is now available. and it's awesome.
uber thinker and maker, ryan standfest put this together.
priviledged to be a part.


haven't posted in a while. need to get back to what makes me truly happy. making. spending a disproportionate amount of time polishing other's turds. look for stuff in 2011-12.


won two awards at the 50th Annual Greater Michigan Art Exhibition for this. Juror, Michelle Grabner, Professor and Chair of Department of Painting and Drawing at The School of The Art Institute of Chicago said this. "Stephen Schudlich's "The Urban Picked Up Paper Color Chart" is part sociology, part behavioral science, and part visual poetry. This work, like the many objects and pictures comprising this years's exhibition underscore the inspiration and imagination pulsing within artists studios throughout the state of Michigan."
i spent some of my winnings on a hotel room at "H" and pate.



more tongue in cheek city bashing from mr. steve. presenting blightpot, a small jar containing soil from some of detroit's "deadlands." these will be on display at DAM June 25th - July 24th.


The Urban Indoor Evening Petting Zoo

Illustration from a book that I may or may not ever finish.


motor city panhandler allstars

an ever growing series based on true life urban lifeforms.


two pieces from the ICON exhibit at Madonna University. desk tops "harvested" from discarded school desks and adorned with paint, beads, and a dremel tool. saints shown are st. maximillan kolbe and st. benedict.


little buffalo press

Good pal, uber illustrator, Donald Kilpatrick at College for Creative Studies is championing an effort to incorporate "old school" print process into the work of illustrators by combining his press skill with the facilities at the school. Nice things are happening as a result. Bologna never looked so good.


play at home urban village

based on the popular large wood installation, this "game" provides an interactive format to think about real life urban planning issues. currently, available only through mr. steve.


oysterfest poster

created with the good folks at hatch show print. this was an event sponsored by Guinness.